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Are you Ready to Sell in 2022?

Life happens. The economy moves up and plummets down. Inflation, interest rates, and a whopping seller’s market makes most homeowners ask themselves, “should I sell?”

If you’re even considering selling, here are 6 actions you can take now that will make your life easier when you are ready to make a move:

  1. Begin to purge and declutter your home now. It’ll take some time based on the number of rooms and how much “stuff” you’ve acquired over the years.

  2. Have your home deep cleaned. Everything from light fixtures to your windows (all of them!) A clean, fresh, and sparkling house will give you a better perspective and make your home more appealing to all.

  3. Fix or update everything that is broken. From that loose floor panel to the noisy bathroom fan, the fewer problems a prospective buyer finds the better.

  4. Freshen walls with new paint and wood trim with cleaner/stain where needed. You’ll be amazed what a difference this can make to a room or the whole house.

  5. Weather permitting, touch up your landscaping and curb appeal. First impressions are half the battle to get buyers in the door.

  6. Have a market analysis done by a professional Realtor®. Online services and indicators have a limited number of factors they can utilize in their evaluation. You’ll want someone who can look at all the factors to properly value your home.

Once you’ve worked through these six steps, the answer to your question, “should I sell?” will be obvious. You’ll make the right choice to sell or stay in your home and be happy with the decision.

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