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Decorating For the Holidays in 2022

Twenty years ago, decorating for the holidays meant MORE of everything. More lights, more figurines, and more trees. It was Martha Stewart on steroids. Since then, holiday decorating has eased up quite a bit. We still use many of the same elements but there’s a trend in displaying things using a lot more “floral.”

If you’ve ever been to Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia, you understand this approach. Rather than displaying an excessive collection of Santas, snowmen, or elf-like Beanie Babies as your holiday theme, they often use apples, citrus fruits, magnolia leaves, pine cones, and nuts as primary elements. That may be a lot, but for you think of fresh pine sprigs or boughs decorated with pinecones, your favorite holiday ribbon, and a few colored glass balls all tied together. It’s simple yet conveys a natural elegance. That is the trend.

Figurines still play a part in the holiday spirit. Based on your style of decor, a single figurine (or at most, three in a tiered placement) can be placed with pine sprigs or other items to tie into the natural theme. Last season, the big rage for “ribbon” was burlap and string, printed or plain, as they’re made from a natural fiber. I’ve always been a fan of raffia and keep it handy year-round for gift bags. These natural products can be combined with a fabric ribbon to add color and more texture to your decor.

When I was a kid, we had a huge pyracantha bush on the side of our house. It had beautiful orange shaded berry sprigs, much like the artificial sprigs one finds at the big-box craft stores. We also had a holly tree that had deep dark green leaves and red berries. My father was a hunter and normally there were beautiful pheasant feathers available to add to the collection of elements that topped the pine branches we cut from the woods. These pieces were used everywhere to create our family’s holiday decor. It was simple, natural, and smelled absolutely wonderful.

We placed our holiday sprigs over pictures, in vases, on the fireplace mantle, on our piano, around our creche, and created centerpieces and wreaths. Today, this simple and natural approach is as lovely as ever and can be done anywhere. In various parts of the country or world, fresh flowers like magnolias in the south, roses on the west coast, poinsettias, and even thistle in some places can be used to create this look. Just remember, this trend is often paired with a less is more strategy. So collect your supplies and make this trend your own!

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Lynn Ellen Vergis is a professional Realtor® working in the resort areas of the Rocky Mountains. Her background in design is a great benefit to her clients. Lynn Ellen hosts workshops for homeowners to help educate them on the home selling process, decor basics, and acquiring positive results when selling a home.

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