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Avoid Price Drops When Selling Your Home

Despite our current real estate market, where homes sell quickly, often well over asking, and with minimal contingencies, there are still properties that drag out their sale. Sometimes it’s due to location, other times it’s the condition or suitability. Yet there are still nice homes in desirable neighborhoods that don’t move quickly. Why? There are a variety of reasons this happens, but the quick tips I have outlined below can help make sure you sell your home quickly.

1) Involve your neighbors. Buyers see your neighborhood before they see your home. Offer a homemade apple pie or treat when letting your neighbors know your property will be listed for sale on a certain date. A simple conversation stating they’ll be buyers in the neighborhood and you’re hoping the first impression is great because it increases the value of everyone’s homes. If they’re too busy, offer a hand. Keep it positive and friendly.

2) Clean-Clean-Clean! The cost of a professional deep clean, window clean, and landscaping once-over will be well worth the upfront cost. Buyers associate a well-kept house with a sound investment.

3) Consider a home inspection to know the true condition of your home prior to listing. This is somewhat controversial because if you find out there’s an issue, it needs to be disclosed. However, there are ways to disclose upfront issues that keep you in contract and get you to closing faster without major price deductions. Or you can fix a problem and applaud it as a new upgrade. There’s nothing worse than getting your property under contract with a happy buyer and then a handful of inspection items (often small and simple) scare away the buyer and you’re starting all over again….often times with a price drop. Ugh!

4) First impressions happen before a potential buyer enters your home. First, it’s your street (like or dislike), then it’s your neighbors’ properties (like or dislike), next it’s your front yard and porch (like or dislike), and lastly it’s the moment you open the front door. Here’s an exercise for you: Imagine you’re at your front door. Take a look. Are there fingerprints, smudges, scratches, or paw prints on your door? How about a dirty welcome mat? Leaves or cobwebs in the corner frames? And when you open the front door, does the house smell? If you create a good first impression in these first few areas it can help add more points to the “like” column for potential buyers.

5) Stage your home! It can be done DIY, professionally, or somewhere in between. We all love our knickknacks and furnishings but not everyone else does. “Less is more!” Repeat these words as you pack up goods throughout your home including closets, cabinets and drawers. The other important part of staging is indicating to clients how the home can be current in style and utility for today’s lifestyles. A few new home accessories and select furnishings can make a house pop.

6) Last impressions are usually the garage and backyard. Ask yourself, what can I do to have a potential buyer turn to their agent and say, “I’d like to make an offer.”

For more tips or professional Realtor® assistance when selling your home, connect with me on LinkedIn or email me at Also, make sure to ask about my upcoming class schedule and newsletter.

Lynn Ellen Vergis is a professional Realtor® working in the resort areas of the Rocky Mountains. Her background in design is a great benefit to her clients. Lynn Ellen hosts workshops for homeowners to help educate them on the home selling process, decor basics, and acquiring positive results when selling a home.

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